Ash Barty reveals Vegemite’s new look


Exclusive: Ash Barty is not the only Australian who is now using Vegemite in her everyday cooking.

The world No. 1 tennis champion says she loves eating it for breakfast and on biscuits with cheese and avocado. "Nothing beats Vegemite and butter on toast!" she says.

"While I love my Vegemite on toast, I'm also a big fan of making homemade Vegemite and cheese scrolls."

Barty, who goes through a jar of Vegemite every six months, says she is keen to start using Bega's new product, the Vegemite Squeezy.

The new look squeezable bottle now means fans can put it on their meals, just like tomato or barbecue sauce.

"I love the convenience and portability of Squeezy - it'll make it a lot easier when travelling," Barty says. "My house will go through plenty of it."

Launched just in time for Vegemite's 97th birthday, the new squeezable bottle has been developed and road-tested at the company's factory in Port Melbourne.


Ash Barty with how she likes to eat Vegemite. Picture: Supplied
Ash Barty with how she likes to eat Vegemite. Picture: Supplied


Bega Foods marketing boss Matt Gray says they decided to create a squeezable bottle after seeing more consumers use the iconic spread for more than just toast. He says visits to the recipe section of the official Vegemite website are up by more than 30 per cent in the past three months alone compared to the previous three months. "We know cooking with Vegemite, fondly referred to as 'Australia's umami', is on the rise," he says. "From Vegemite pastas to baked goods, Vegemite creations are popping up in kitchens across Australia.

"Therefore, it was important that Vegemite introduced a product that is easy to use and enjoy, especially while cooking."

Gray says their most popular recipes searched within the last six months have been Vegemite & Cheese Spaghetti, Braided Pull-Apart and their Cheese and Vegemite scrolls.


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