CAR TROUBLES: Tyrone Pirika, 27, from Bundamba, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court.
CAR TROUBLES: Tyrone Pirika, 27, from Bundamba, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

'Arrogant' driver caught snubbing his nose at the law

IF CAUGHT again, it will be straight to jail for disqualified driver Tyrone Pirika who was caught snubbing his nose at the law to drive home from work.

He was already on a suspended sentence at the time of his latest offence.

His decision to drive was described by his lawyer as "arrogant and foolish".

His disregard of the law put the New Zealand-born resident off Queensland roads for two more years.

Tyrone Pirika, 27, from Bundamba, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving when disqualified by court order at Bundamba on October 31; and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

"He appreciates the gravity of his situation," defence lawyer Bill Siganto said.

Mr Siganto said Pirika told him his partner had been driving him to work but had not that day because of issues at home.

"He made the foolish and arrogant decision to borrow her car and drive to work," Mr Siganto said.

"There was no excuse. He is looking down the barrel of prison if he is arrogant, stupid enough to (again) get behind the wheel of a car."

Mr Siganto said the New Zealand citizen moved to Australia in 2013 and began a relationship with a mother of two.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Paul Caldwell said Pirika was on a previous disqualification jail sentence suspended for nine months for charges of a similar nature.

And there was also a suspended jail term imposed for two charges of failing to appear at court.

Magistrate Andy Cridland said a jail penalty was the only realistic outcome.

The suspended sentences were activated - to be concurrent with the sentence on his new charges.

Pirika was sentenced to a five-month jail term overall but granted immediate parole.

His driver's licence was disqualified for two years.

Mr Cridland said he took into account Pirika was driving home from work when he should not have been.