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Army vehicle trapped in sand at Double Island Point

MUDLO Rocks didn't gobble up any vehicles at the weekend but an out-of-towner managed to get his Unimog bogged at Double Island.

Rainbow Beach Towing and Roadside Assist owner Dave Elder said the dad and his two kids were trying to cross the ocean outlet from the lagoon to the ocean side, when the heavy truck got stuck in the soft sand.

"The running water from the outlet makes the sand very soft there, so a seven-tonne vehicle just sunk into the sand and they couldn't get it out."

By the time Mr Elder got the call to help out, it was close to high tide, so the owner had to abandon his Unimog for the night.

"The three of them camped up on the beach overnight," Mr Elder said.

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At low tide on Sunday morning, Mr Elder winched the unimog out.

"Because of its height, it was okay and didn't have any water inside of it.

"It just needed a good clean.

" Dad and the kids then went home "somewhere down south," Mr Elder said.

Apart from the bogged unimog, it was a pretty quiet weekend, he said.