Mel Woodward dishes up some tasty post-workout snacks.
Mel Woodward dishes up some tasty post-workout snacks.

Army trainer gets new Kombi and fitness business

AFTER nearly buying into a major gym franchise, Sam Johnson decided to start his own and hasn't looked back.

He began Healthy You HQ in April this year with his girlfriend Mel Woodward.

HYHQ is mobile fitness business and the pair are currently running classes in Springfield parks.

"I nearly bought an F45 franchise," Mr Johnson said.

"I came up with the idea when I was looking into buying into a gym or fitness franchise.

"At the same time I really wanted to own a Kombi van.. then I had a moment like the Old El Paso, hard taco/soft taco little girl, when I thought why don't we have both!

"The idea grew from there and I realised very quickly that we could have better reach and the ability to help far more people with a mobile platform."

The fit couple launched the business with an open day at Robelle Domain.


Sam Johnson and Mel Woodward have started HYHQ, a new fitness business.
Sam Johnson and Mel Woodward have started HYHQ, a new fitness business.

"Our morning and evening classes have been popular with a broad age range," Mr Johnson said.

"Anyone from their 20s to 50s seem to love our classes.

"We structure our program to be varied and periodised which means it's sustainable over the long term and interesting too."

The group fitness training sees participants doing a broad range of activities from resistance and core training to high intensity interval training and combat fitness.

"We've had some very positive results so far and are receiving excellent reviews from our members.

"Our Facebook page has had some lovely feedback so we're really happy to be making a positive difference in people's lives so soon since launching the business. 

"We're really happy with where the business is right now.


The HYHQ open day was a success.
The HYHQ open day was a success.

"We're looking at ways to extend our vision and support the health and wellness of corporate business, schools, universities, sporting teams and really any other groups of people looking to be fitter, stronger and generally healthier overall."

HYHQ has one Kombi and another on the way decked out with custom racking for gym equipment and a built in a servery at the back where the team can make delicious post workout smoothies or snacks.

Training is held in the mornings at Springlake Park from 6am, and in the evenings at 5.30pm and 6.30pm in Robelle Domain each week day.

On Saturdays HYHQ is hosting Yoga at Robelle from 8am.

Membership is $40 a week with no lock-in contracts for access to Monday-Friday classes and Yoga on Saturdays.

Sam's top 5 tips for fitness

1. Move more - even if you just walk to the corner store instead of driving.

2. Eat better - make little adjustments a long the way like swapping bread for cruskits with avo or not adding sugar to your tea and coffee.

3. Look after your mind - make time for relaxation every day, stress is a killer and puts weight on.

4. Stretch - People underestimate the importance of stretching.

5. Get a partner - they make you accountable and you will have more fun.


Sam Johnson in training mode.
Sam Johnson in training mode.

Meet the trainers:

Sam Johnson has been in the fitness industry for eight years.

He's worked at F45 in Sydney and Springfield and as a personal trainer and he is also a full time combat fitness leader in the Army.

"I'm a firm believer that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle... so you'll probably see me enjoying a cold bevvie and a burger on the weekend," he wrote on the HYHQ website.

"My style of instruction has often been referred to as firm but fair which means I'll push you beyond your comfort zone but I also understand that we all have limitations.

"I'm a no-excuses kind of trainer which means results are guaranteed, provided you do what I ask of you."

Mel Woodward first became involved with the fitness industry as a way to address some health and mental health issues.

"I continued to train my way to the stage and began competing as a fitness model in 2012. Eventually earning my Pro status with the WBFF and competing on the world stage in Canada, representing Australia," her HYHQ profile states.

"My motto is I can do anything and you can do anything too."