Major Brenton Mellor of the 6th Aviation Regiment.
Major Brenton Mellor of the 6th Aviation Regiment. Adam Davies

Army Blackhawks helicopters take off for G20 training

THE Australian Army is using the lead-up to the G20 Summit and the Commonwealth Games to get much-needed training in for its Blackhawk helicopter crews.

Blackhawk helicopter crews will conduct extensive urban and rural training flights on a daily basis over the next month.

Major Brenton Mellor from the 6th Aviation Regiment said in Brisbane on Monday (Oct 14) the training was mainly for domestic counter terrorism purposes.

"This is certainly pre-training for the G20 Summit next year and the Commonwealth Games," Major Mellor said.

"Really any event of national significance we will be activated and we are always on-call.

"The crews will be training in counter terrorism roles," he said.

The training will take place in Brisbane, Ipswich, Oakey and Toowoomba.

It will include day and night time exercises which could see up to five Blackhawk helicopters flying in formation at low levels.