John Allan Black served 12 years for the shooting manslaughter of a Mt Isa man.
John Allan Black served 12 years for the shooting manslaughter of a Mt Isa man.

Armed and dangerous shotgun killer free after rampage

A CONVICTED shotgun killer threatened two men with loaded pistols, lit 11 fires, evaded police and drove dangerously in an afternoon of chaos across southeast Queensland.

John Allan Black is no stranger to the court system, having been convicted of manslaughter in 2009 for killing a man in Mt Isa six years earlier.

On Thursday, 44-year-old Black faced Brisbane District Court where he pleaded guilty to a raft of offences including assault, going armed to cause fear, evading police and setting fire to crops and growing plants.

He was sentenced to three years in jail but given immediate parole.

Black's rampage happened just one month after his manslaughter term ended.

He served 12 years for pointing a shotgun at John Edward Bowman's chest and pulling the trigger in what was described as a "deliberate act" while he was high on methamphetamine.

His latest crime spree also happened while he was doped up on ice, the rampage starting on the Sunshine Coast, taking in Burpengary and ending in the Moreton Bay suburb of Whiteside on June 12, 2018.

He kicked off the crime spree at about 12.55pm when he drove his car next to another vehicle in St Helena St, Maroochydore, pointing a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol at the occupants.

Just 25 minutes later he threatened a man in Horton Parade with a Ruger pistol - it was also loaded with bullets.

He fled the scene in his black Ford Mondeo and at about 3pm was seen driving down the wrong side of a road and running a red light in Burpengary.

Police gave chase but had to stop their efforts to pull him over because of the danger.

A police chopper was called in to track him down.

With chopper and cop vehicles in tow, he slammed his car through a locked gate at a water treatment facility.

He abandoned the car, leaving both weapons - still loaded - near the vehicle.

Escaping into a forest, he tried to burn it down by lighting a series of fires.

Black was arrested in Whiteside.

"It was luck, rather than design that no one was injured," Brisbane District Court Judge Michael Williamson said during Thursday's court appearance.

"You were prepared to point guns at members of the public that were loaded and operational - this was after just you finished a sentence for a manslaughter where a gun was involved.

"You were reckless and showed disregard for members of the public and police."

The court heard Black spent most of his adult life in jail, with his long history of crimes involving drugs, property and driving offences and violence.

He had serious mental health issues, a long-standing problem with substance abuse and struggled to adjust to life outside of jail.

The court heard he was receiving help from Brisbane's Richmond Fellowship and had permanent accommodation in Yeronga. - NewsRegional