Are you saying these brand names wrong?

WHEN it comes to brand names, some labels are just plain confusing.

While people have been debating whether the luxury car brand Porsche is pronounced 'porsh' or 'por-sha' for years, (apparently it's 'por-sha'), some surprising new name mispronunciations have recently been doing the rounds online.

Take the hazelnut spread Nutella, which according to an article in the Daily Mail is meant to be pronounced 'new-tell-uh'.

Sports brand Nike is another name commonly mispronounced, and the name was so confusing that the company chairman, Philip Knight, was apparently asked to circulate a memo clarifying the correct way to say it.

The brand, pronounced 'ni-key', is taken from the story of the Greek goddess of victory.

Other interesting names included luxury label Balmain, which is meant to be pronounced 'bal-mah', and the electronics brand Huawei, which is apparently said as 'wah-way'.

Check out the list below for some more common brand name blunders.