GUILTY: Three police officers pulled a man to the ground during a drunken outburst.
GUILTY: Three police officers pulled a man to the ground during a drunken outburst. Contributed

'Appalling, violent' behaviour at show was 'brotherly love'

THREE police officers were needed to pull Christopher Graham Wake to the ground when he was "violently resisting" arrest at the Allora Show.

At Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday, Acting Magistrate Robert Walker said Wake had displayed "reprehensible behaviour" on that night in February.

"I can imagine the scene you were creating would have disturbed the peace for other patrons at the show and caused difficulty to police," Mr Walker said.

Wake pleaded guilty to one count each of committing public nuisance in the vicinity of a licensed premises and obstructing police at a licensed premises.

Police Prosecutor Ken Wiggan explained the facts of the case to the court, saying Wake started arguing with police after his brother was arrested.

The court heard a drunken Wake also starting yelling at a man leaning on a fence, striking it on each side of the man and shaking the panels.

Sgt Wiggan said a police officer intervened when Wake was about to throw a punch, so the 26-year-old man grabbed the cop's arm instead.

"He continued to struggle with three officers before being taken to the ground," Sgt Wiggan said.

The court heard Wake then also refused to be handcuffed.

When asked if he had anything to tell the court, Wake said he was remorseful for his actions.

"It's my brother, I'll do anything for him," he said.

"It's my own fault and I admit what I did was wrong. I apologise to the police officers, they don't have to deal with that sort of stuff."

Magistrate Walker said Wake, who is currently living at Meringandan, made a poor decision to intervene between the police and his brother.

Wake was fined $650, which was referred to SPER, and convictions were not recorded.