CANDIDATE: Jim Dodrill will run in the Ipswich City Council election in March for division three.
CANDIDATE: Jim Dodrill will run in the Ipswich City Council election in March for division three. Cordell Richardson

Anti-corruption campaigner announces council plans

A HARDENED campaigner against corruption and the "waste industry mafia" has announced he will vie for a place on Ipswich City Council.

Jim Dodrill, who ran in 2012 and 2016, will again campaign to represent division three in the March election.

The IT professional believes it is integral the slate is wiped clean after the sacking of the previous council, with two major issues in his sights if elected.

The 54-year-old said he expected the election to get "dirty" but believes he is the right man to solve "unresolved" issues with waste and council's "appalling relationship" with developers.

"Dumps are a big (issue) and what we call the 'waste industry mafia', those guys are still getting away with murder in Ipswich," he said.

"Something has to be done about it.

"The pendulum is far too much in the favour of the developers. They will always create new developments... but they've got to be developments that are in harmony with the Ipswich area with our suburban lifestyle.

"Council and the developers haven't put in appropriate levels of open space and social infrastructure. What you're going to get is like rats in a cage and you're going to get crime. I blame the developers and the council and to a degree the State Government for allowing those types of development because they are just not healthy for good communities."

Mr Dodrill is the president of the Ipswich Ratepayers and Residents Association and Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments and said he had been working "at the coalface" for close to a decade.

He said watching the others who had already put their hand up to lead Ipswich into a new era in 2020 did not fit the bill.

"I don't have any confidence in some of the people who are nominating themselves as candidates," he said.

"I think somebody who actually has some experience in dealing with the waste industry, dealing with the council and dealing with the State Government on these issues is what's needed.

"It will take three or four years for somebody to get across all these issues and able to figure out the lay of the land and who's who. I've been doing that since 2011.

"I know who the bad guys are. I haven't seen any of these people that want to stop corruption out there in the trenches.

"We need some decent people who aren't afraid to call out corruption and misconduct where they see it."

Ipswich council needs a clean slate going forward

FOLLOWING the sacking of the Ipswich City Council last year, candidate for next year's election Jim Dodrill believes political parties can't be allowed to creep back in.

The father of three, who has lived in Ipswich since 1977 after his family moved from Ireland, said he had "dabbled with all of the parties" in his 20s.

"I've dipped my toe in with the LNP, the ALP and The Greens," the 54-year-old said.

"I didn't like what I saw with any of them."

The Collingwood Park resident stressed how important it was to keep politics out of local government.

"We need people who are truly independent and they're not members of the LNP or the ALP or either of their factions," he said.

"We need people who are independent and put the Ipswich community first and not their political party or whichever faction they belong to.

"What we don't want is more of the same and more of the same behaviour where we jut have a small clique of people who look after their mates, who are often developers, and the people of Ipswich suffer as a consequence."