ANOTHER day, another potential baby bump spotted on Jasmine Yarbrough's Instagram feed.

The latest snap dropped into timelines around Australia this weekend when the 34-year-old shoe designer attended a coastal wedding with her man Karl Stefanovic.

It was a casual affair. Karl wore beige chinos. And Jasmine wore a fun little floral frock. But it wasn't just any fun little floral frock. It was a fun little floral frock with a pretty little peplum.

For those of you who are now confused, a peplum-style dress basically features a short, flared piece of fabric at the waist. So, what's the big deal about Jasmine's peplum?

Well, a peplum-style dress is great for stylish people like Jasmine who live on the front foot of fashion trends. But a peplum is also the perfect way for pregnant ladies to hide their secret baby bumps from both New Idea and judgmental aunts.

Here's the peplum in question.

Jasmine and Karl welcome their beautiful new peplum.
Jasmine and Karl welcome their beautiful new peplum.

As soon as Jasmine posted the photo, comments followed about a potential baby bump. But is the peplum hiding a baby bump? Or is the peplum creating a bump that makes Jasmine look like she's pregnant? If it's the latter, why on earth are outfits created with peplums?

It's also important to note Jasmine's holding a glass of white wine down by her right hip. If she's knocking back the wines, that gives us an answer, correct? No. The glass looks full. Perhaps even un-sipped. Maybe it's just a prop to throw us off the scent.

She tried a similar trick last month at a charity event, which we detailed breathlessly.

You can't pull the peplum over our eyes, Jasmine.