Anne's Irresistable Lingere owner Anne Proctor.
Anne's Irresistable Lingere owner Anne Proctor. Megan Pope

Anne has seen it all in 50 years of fitting undies

FROM classic corsets to frilly knickers, Anne Proctor has seen it all in her 50 years of fashion.

The owner of Anne's Irresistible Lingerie in Maryborough left school at 14 to pursue a career in corsetry.

"I needed a job, I wanted to get out of school, I didn't want to do Grade 10 and my mother said if you can get a job you can leave school," she said.

"In those days it was certainly very, very easy to pick up a job," she said.

"If you didn't get it you went into the other.

"I rather liked the idea of fitting because it was a trade."

Anne said her half-a-century in underwear and apparel had been both interesting and challenging.

"It was a different form of fitting to these days," she said.

"It's gone from heavy corsetry, whale bone, to not very much wire to continue on to pointy bras that look like Madonna, down to, these days, much more moulded fabrics.

"Fittings in those days were done with what they called a corsetry indicator."

She said changes in the lingerie industry had been "mind-boggling".

After working in corsetry and children's wear, Anne purchased her current shop 17 years ago.

Not only does Anne sell a wide range of intimates, her store has offered a mastectomy service for 40-years.

"That's for after breast surgery," she said.

"I do it in store and go to different places if need to be.

"That is a huge part of this business."

Anne said people considering a career in lingerie needed to be willing to work and to do the job properly.

"You just need to be interested in it... don't go in half-hearted about it," she said.

"It's certainly a very challenging and a very interesting and rewarding industry."

Anne will be holding a celebration of her 50 years in business in Maryborough.

Customers can contact Anne's Irresistible Lingerie for more information.