Ambos call maxi taxi after breakdown

THE Queensland Ambulance Service has had to call on maxi taxis to transport patients to Toowoomba, after one of its vehicles broke down on the Range late last week.

The non-emergency vehicle, carrying 11 low-acuity patients, broke down just after 4pm last Friday.

The 16-seat transport unit was travelling up the Range to transport patients to Toowoomba Base Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital.

The driver was forced to pull over at a rest area about 500 metres from the top of the Range.

Two taxis arrived 30 minutes later.  

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said the Department of Transport and Main Roads facilitated access to the ambulance via a service road, providing the quickest solution.  

"Contingency planning in the rare event that an ambulance breaks down includes a range of options, depending on the urgency of the transport and the patient's condition," the spokesperson said.  

"In this case, given the number of patients and their stable conditions, it was timely and appropriate to organise maxi taxis to continue the transport.   

"This alternative transport, and the time it took for the maxi taxis to arrive at the location, had no impact on the patients' illnesses," the spokesperson said.