Judy and Therese of Amazing Race Australia. Picture: Supplied.
Judy and Therese of Amazing Race Australia. Picture: Supplied.

Amazing Race nuns spill on dirty tricks

They're the unlikely reality TV duo Australia instantly fell in love with for their sweet-natured approach to the toughest race there is.

Completing each challenge with a smile on their faces - often referring to the secret holy weapon on their side - missionary sisters Judy and Therese were early fan favourites of Amazing Race Australia purely for the fact they might be the most wholesome reality TV stars ever to grace our screens.

But to the collective disappointment of viewers tonight, the Canberra nuns missed out by mere seconds on securing a spot for the third leg of the race.

Speaking to news.con.au following their elimination, there's one - rather surprising - thing they wish they'd done differently.

"Looking back, I have thought of pushing Nick and Femi out of the way, or blocking them on the stairs," Judy joked of the nurse-besties, adding; "We were just so polite! We were like 'come on boys, come through'."

The moment in question was right towards the end of the episode, as the final teams made a mad dash to the pittstop in a desperate attempt to avoid coming in last.

But while Judy and Therese were in good stead to come in 9th - narrowly avoiding last place - nurses Femi and Nick overtook them.

"If we'd known (the pittstop) was 10 seconds away and not kilometres like everything else was, we could have passed them and pushed them down the hill … But that probably would have looked bad on television," Therese joked of the heartbreaking moment, adding,

"I hope everybody notices that we just got beaten by 10 seconds by two huge, muscly overbuilt gorgeous guys, who were much younger than us."


Judy and Therese never stopped smiling. Picture: Channel 10.
Judy and Therese never stopped smiling. Picture: Channel 10.

While the nuns played a hard game - but a clean one - they did fall victim to foul play from another team, after controversial influencer couple Sid and Ash nabbed one of their painstakingly-crafted dumplings during a Seoul challenge in the first episode.

Viewers at home were outraged by the act of sabotage, but Judy and Therese saw the funny side.


"It was very, very funny," Therese said of the scene, adding: "A lot of our friends and people around Australia are outraged that (Sid and Ash) stole our dumpling, but it was just a really funny thing. It's just part of the fun of the game."

Judy, on the other hand, threw some shade at the couple, adding that she was expecting a "penalty" for the cheeky movie and joking that she was surprised the chef didn't pick up on the mystery of Ash and Sid's "one perfect dumpling".



As for how the experience compared to what they were expecting going in, Judy said she was worried they'd argue a lot.

"I prayed a lot about that because that was one of my biggest fears," she said.

As for whether the praying paid off, Therese is certain they were guided by "the big fella" the whole way along.

"I think my getting the drone through the goal was a first class miracle on TV, just to say," she said of her challenge tonight.

"I couldn't work that stupid thing at all and it went through like bang, it was like god pushed it through. So I am grateful for that small miracle."

Judy backed her teammate's claim, adding that she "felt like God was directing the whole thing".

As for who they hope will take out the $250,000 prize, they're backing Northern Territory couple Jasmine and Jerome.


The Amazing Race Australia continues Monday at 7.30 on Channel 10