OPINION: Amazing how Big Brother can track you down

I AM sure Big Brother is monitoring my every stroke of the keyboard.

When I had my barking dog issue the other month, I did a lot of searching on the internet looking for solutions.

Now it seems I have been earmarked as a person who wants to buy the latest and most innovative pet products around.

The latest pop-up I received told me about a GoPro-style camera that you put on your dog's collar.

What gripping viewing that would be, especially if he shared the backyard with a couple of other inquisitive dogs.

I was even told that they have a smaller model for cats, which comes with night vision.

Now that would be interesting; watching just how far your cat roamed at night.

That vision might at least help in convincing some cat owners to lock up their feline terrors.

Seeing how far and wide they spread their scent and what they kill might reveal to their owners that little Snuffles might not be the angel they believed her to be.

Topping all of this, is the Petcube.

It's an interactive pet monitor that allows pet owners to remotely connect with their pets.

Through this small speaker-like device, you can watch your pet through an in-built video camera as well as talk and play with them from your smartphone.

If you believe the marketing hype these are so popular that you have to go on a waiting list to buy one.

I think I'll give it a miss.

If my dog suddenly starts hearing my voice and can't see me it might just send him around the twist.