Alyssa Azar makes it safety to Mt Everest Base Camp

Alyssa Azar at Base Camp in Nepal.
Alyssa Azar at Base Camp in Nepal. Contributed

TOOWOOMBA teenager Alyssa Azar is now out of danger after her climb to the summit of Mt Everest.

She has made it safely to Base Camp.

Her team at Adventure Professionals said they wouldn't celebrate until she had made it down safely.

On Saturday she became the youngest Australian in history to climb the peak.

Ms Azar thanked her supporters for their messages.

"I am now back safely in Base Camp after an amazing climb and successful expedition," she wrote on social media.

The 19-year-old, who resides in Brisbane, will likely visit family Toowoomba when she returns to Australia, a supporter told The Chronicle.

Her feat has been lauded by residents of the Garden City.

Sharon Shaw said: "Congratulations Alyssa everyone is relieved and very proud of you."

"You have done yourself your family and Toowoomba and Australia proud."

Geoff Keane also congratulated her.

"What a challenging and rewarding effort. Well done, Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia are very proud of you."

Kacey Fitzgerald said the climb was inspirational.

"Congratulations to you Alyssa.

"You have shown age and gender aren't a deterrent though commitment and perseverance is paramount

"Well done,Toowoomba should be proud of you."

Judy Hellyer said: "You little ripper Alyssa Azar."

"You never strayed from your ambition to climb the mountain and you have just succeeded doing what most people only dream of doing."

Peter Terrill said: "Sensational, an inspiring young lady who is an example to young ladies her age, and wonderful parents."