OPINION: Alyssa Azar chases her dreams

ALYSSA Azar will today be one step closer to realising a dream that has seemed so close yet so far away.

Twice, the young Toowoomba adventurer attempted to scale Mt Everest only to be blocked at the final hurdle.

Her first attempt in 2014 was undone by deadly avalanches and the second by the earthquake that devastated Nepal two years ago.

Yesterday the 19-year-old started on her third bid to become the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest.

She is on track to reach the top of the world on Friday and will return to Base Camp two days later.

Her father Glenn and her many supporters will wait anxiously over the next four days, but they will not be alone.

Toowoomba stands united in support of Ms Azar.

She could have easily given up and no one would have criticised her considering the tragic events that had prevented her from reaching the summit.

Her resolve and determination in the face of so much adversity is such an inspiration.