Glenn and Bruce Alvey inspect some of the commemorative reels.
Glenn and Bruce Alvey inspect some of the commemorative reels.

Alvey produces reels made from 200-year-old timber

TO mark 100 years in business, Alvey Reels produced a special commemorative set of reels made from a 200-year-old red cedar tree.

Unfortunately for anyone looking to buy one, the 200 reels they made have already been sold.

Most will never see the ocean and sit on the mantelpiece as a collector's item.

The tree was removed by a macadamia nut farmer from his property in Rosebank, New South Wales.

A young Queensland cabinet-maker spotted the fallen tree and bought it from the farmer, intending to turn it into furniture.

The timber was rescued from storage by Brisbane-based business Wattle Products.

As the Alveys celebrate their rich past, they are focused on ensuring the business carries on for years to come.

"(Majority shareholder) Con (Athans) wants to expand our range of products," managing director Bruce Alvey said.

"It's like running a vegetarian pizza shop. You can't survive doing that, you need lots of different mixes of pizzas to keep everyone happy.

"Our brand is that Alvey reels don't fall apart. They last forever.

"It's a case of making sure you're getting your share of the market of people coming into fishing. You get your Alvey reel into their hands.

"There's not one reel you buy that does everything.

"Most guys they don't have one Alvey reel, they'll have 10 at home. There's different size reels used for different sorts of fishing.

"We've just got to get more people doing that."