Couple Jai Brown and Laura Johnson did extremely well in the HSC
Couple Jai Brown and Laura Johnson did extremely well in the HSC

Clever couple: Top marks for Jai and Laura

STUDENTS from across the Clarence have produced brilliant results for this year's Higher School Certificate, but it is Jai Brown who has topped the results list at South Grafton High School.

With an ATAR of 98.35, Jai's hard work has really paid off.

"I'm pretty happy with it," he said. "I put in a lot of work, I'm just pleased that I got a result in the end that I could be proud of.

"There was a lot of time there where I wondered if it was worth it. I sacrificed a lot of time and hobbies for it, it was a big relief, it's something I can be proud of and it will open up a lot of opportunities."

Jai's girlfriend Laura Johnson from McAuley Catholic College also received her school's top marks in the HSC, landing herself on the high achievers list with an ATAR of 99.45.

"We're always pretty competitive," Jai said.

"She's a freak though, she got band six in everything, I can't top that.

"She even gave me some help in English, I struggled with that a bit.

"We tied in chemistry and 3 unit maths."

The two celebrated their results with dinner on Friday night and are working hard to save money for next year.

With such a high ATAR, Jai will have his pick of courses and universities.

"I still actually haven't decided what I want to do, which is a bit worrying. My result doesn't help because I've got all the options open, I'm looking at maths and engineering or maths and science at UQ," he said.

Jai received band six results in Physics and Chemistry, E4 in Maths Extension 1 and Extension 2, and a band five in English.

"I think some of the marks came as a surprise. I didn't feel as though I did as well as I could have, I'm really pleased with the results I got, I couldn't hope for much more than that," he said.

Jai added that he felt lucky about the exams because no matter how much you prepare, you can't be sure what will be in the exam.

"I think that's why I always feared English, you can just get hit with anything," he said.

Jai has applied for a number of scholarships and is weighing up his options for universities.