Alleged racist slur provoked neighbour to throw brick

AN IPSWICH man landed trouble when he retaliated to a neighbour's racist slur about an uncle by throwing a brick at his car.

The brick struck the man's Holden Commodore, denting the bonnet.

Kristan David Beale, 25, from Riverview, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to causing wilful damage to the car on February 2; possession of dangerous drugs (cannabis); and possession of drug utensils.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Brad Dick, said police were called to a Riverview house at 9am after the disturbance.

Sgt Dick said officers spoke to Kristan Beale who admitted throwing a brick because "he was sick of them being disrespectful".

Police returned to Beale's house that night with a search warrant and found small amounts of marijuana. And a bong made from an Ice Break plastic bottle with a rubber hose and cone piece.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Beale instructs that the neighbour had been saying nasty things about his uncle and this triggered him.

 Magistrate Donna MacCallum said she noted the provocative comment, and that Beale was co-operative with police.

She convicted and fined him $750.