Reports alleged Nauru rape victim kept in isolation

LEGAL and medical experts have reportedly been prevented from seeing an Iranian woman who has been hospitalised in Australia following her alleged rape on Nauru.

The 23-year-old was transferred to Brisbane two weeks ago after two suicide attempts.

Her brother, a detainee on on Nauru, told the ABC he was permitted to speak with his sister by phone for only two minutes every two days.

"They respond negative to me because they said this is not your right to asking to knowing about your sister's medical information," he said.

The ABC reported that a Maurice Blackburn lawyer had tried to see the woman but was told by the Department of Immigration she was not well enough.

Trauma specialist Dr Helen Driscoll said she had been told the woman was not well enough to see her.

"I understand she has guards with her 24/7. That's like treating her like a criminal," Dr Driscoll said.