Police arrest a teenager at Petrie last night. Picture: 7 News Brisbane
Police arrest a teenager at Petrie last night. Picture: 7 News Brisbane

Accused ‘Northside’ gang boss nabbed

POLICE claim to have arrested the leader of Brisbane's "Northside" youth gang, allegedly involved in a crime spree and break-ins of luxury homes.

Commissioner Ian Stewart has urged other members hand themselves in after the arrest of the 17-year-old alleged gang boss yesterday.

Up to 50 teens aged 14-17 have terrorised Brisbane's north, robbing luxury homes, stealing cars, cash and jewellery to fund their lifestyles.

With the gang members dubbed "Gucci Gangsters", high-end cars were allegedly sold within the group to buy designer clothes and alcohol and to fund hotel parties.

The arrest follows a six-month investigation by 7 News into the gang.

Officers raided a Petrie house last night, arresting the teen and seizing a firearm and crossbow.

Police have struggled with the group of teens who ignore court penalties and reoffend while on bail.

The network obtained a confidential Queensland police report that showing a spike in juvenile offending, with kids using social media to connect and plan crime.

The gang leader is also accused of hitting police officer and 12-year-old girl two weeks ago.

"Like everyone, they are not above the law, and yesterday's arrest I think will be the first of a number," Mr Stewart said today.

"And in fact I would encourage other offenders who are part of that group to perhaps make arrangements to give themselves up to police because they would be saving their time and a lot of hassle for the public and the community and the police.

"The person arrested yesterday has been charged with 11 offences, that adds to a number of offences for which he was already - as I understand - being dealt with through the courts.

"He is only 17 and I just find it amazing that we have got young people out there who have absolutely no respect for the community, for other people's property and sadly for their own families and themselves that they would do these sorts of things."

Information to Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000