Bikie’s lawyer threatens action to get back seized items

AN ALLEGED Lone Wolf bikie who threatened police with legal action to claw back a black leather vest and patches seized in a raid has had them returned.

Detectives allegedly seized the items from Saleh Atasoy's Benowa rental property in December, but his lawyer claimed in court documents he didn't believe they were being used as evidence.

In an affidavit filed to Southport Magistrates Court, Atasoy's solicitor Rijald Hadzalic said he was told by police they were still "trying to find a reason to hold on to it".

The documents state the items were listed as "Lone Wolf Vest and Patches" with police alleging he has ties to the outlaw motorcycle group.

Mr Hadzalic claimed police still had two sets of keys belonging to Atasoy which he said was also not evidence.

The accused bikie was forced to pay for a new set of locks and keys when he severed ties to the Benowa rental property as police still had possession of them, court documents allege.

In an attempt to force the hands of police the application was filed last month to have the items returned.

Police were never served the application but days after the matter was briefly heard in court it is understood the items were returned.

Last week, Mr Hadzalic told the Bulletin efforts to get the items back so far had "fallen on deaf ears".

"The Police have no reason to arbitrarily seize and hold items that are not evidence of the commission of an offence," he said.

"One would think that something as innocuous as two sets of keys and an item of clothing would be returned without issue."

Mr Hadzalic said Atasoy had not spoken with police about any association with the Lone Wolf Motorcycle Club.

The Queensland Police Service said it would be inappropriate to comment on the matter as it was an ongoing investigation and before the courts.

Back in December, Atasoy was arrested after detectives seized guns, luxury cars, a motorbike, jewellery and drugs from his property.

He was charged with a string of drug and weapon offences, and in a separate matter, was charged with trafficking earlier this month, for which he is currently remanded in custody.

Mr Hadzalic told the Bulletin he had "multiple clients" during the past month who had property seized arbitrarily during raids.

"Police must abide by the rules contained in the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act and most do, except for a certain few who believe they can skirt the law without consequence," he said.