Ipswich City Council Division 3 candidates Jim Dodrill, Rochelle Caloon and Marnie Doyle. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Ipswich City Council Division 3 candidates Jim Dodrill, Rochelle Caloon and Marnie Doyle. Picture: Cordell Richardson

Agonising waiting game over official election results

UPDATE: The QT understands Mr Madsen and Mrs Ireland have won Division 1, Mr Tully and Ms Jonic have claimed Division 2 and Ms Doyle and Mr Fechner have won Division 3, despite the ECQ's publicly released data lagging behind.

EARLIER: While Ipswich has a new mayor after more than 18 months of administration, many council candidates are still playing an agonising waiting game to learn whether they have been voted into office.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has been slow to reveal the results from election day, with numbers rolling in at a glacial pace, if at all, in recent days.

Teresa Harding has claimed victory in the mayoral race but the two winners from each of the four divisions are still up in the air.

An ECQ spokesman said further delays were a result of duplicate data being entered into the system for the preliminary count in one local government area late on Monday night.

"This caused the percentage of votes counted figure to exceed 100 per cent in two divisions," he said.

"The anomaly was rectified, however not before a refresh of data was uploaded to the ECQ website.

"That entry has now been amended".

With only 28 per cent of the count revealed in Division 1, sacked councillor Sheila Ireland and Jacob Madsen are leading the way with Pye Augustine trailing closely behind.

In Division 2, former veteran councillor Paul Tully looks set to re-enter office and running mate Nicole Jonic is likely to join him with 43.5 of the vote counted.

Banking and finance lawyer Marnie Doyle is certain to become a councillor for the first time in Division 3 with more than 57.41 per cent of the vote counted.

But there is a tight battle for who will claim the second seat between five other candidates.

With 39.37 per cent of the count recorded in Division 4, all six candidates are still in the running.

Division 3 candidate Jim Dodrill said it had been a frustrating process right from the start.

"Right from the time of nomination," he said.

"They've had multiple crashes in their IT systems and people had to manually hand write nominations and send them in because their system was off the air.

"I would have thought they would have fixed any outstanding problems well and truly before the actual election day."

Mr Dodrill said he checks the count twice a day and he was disappointed there wasn't a booth by booth breakdown as in previous years.

"I'm not going to drive myself crazy, checking every few minutes," he said.

"When you're looking at results, you have no idea where they're coming from. It's very unsatisfactory to say the least.

"It's just a waiting game."