Dayne Beams chas stepped down from the Lions' captaincy.
Dayne Beams chas stepped down from the Lions' captaincy. DAN PELED

AFL star steps down as Lions skipper after ‘bloody difficult’ time

GUN midfielder Dayne Beams has stepped down as Brisbane Lions skipper indefinitely, describing the past couple of months since his father's death as "bloody difficult".

Beams, in consultation with the Lions' senior management, has removed himself from the 2018 leadership group and handed over the captaincy to Dayne Zorko.

Harris Andrews has also been elevated, with the emerging defender to take on the role of vice-captain.

Beams' father passed away in early March following a prolonged battle with bowel cancer.

Beams said his decision was "in the best interests for myself and my family".

"Obviously the last three months for myself, I'm not going to lie, they've been bloody difficult, and I've experienced some really bad lows," Beams said.

"I think footy's been hard for me because I associated football with my father. So it feels like a big chunk of my football life is missing at the moment. So, I just feel like I need some time to find where I belong in the game. And just find my feet again and find my love for the game again.

"I still love coming into the footy club."

Dayne Zorko has been appointed Lions skipper.
Dayne Zorko has been appointed Lions skipper.

Lions football manager David Noble said he and the club were all supportive of Beams' decision.

"Dayne brought this to us recently to discuss his leadership role. He has had a lot on his plate personally the past six months, and with the energy required to support Kelly with the upcoming birth of their second child, we believe it was the right move for him," Noble said.

"We are confident that the leadership group that supported Dayne are more than capable to lead this club and want to congratulate Dayne Zorko and Harris Andrews on their new roles as captain and vice-captain of the Lions.

"It is moments like these we are fortunate to have a leader like of Luke Hodge with our Club, and along with our leadership group, he can offer support to Zorko and Harris where appropriate."