Fights break out at the MCG
Fights break out at the MCG

Multiple brawls erupt around MCG during AFL blockbuster

The blockbuster between Collingwood and Carlton has been soured by horrific crowd behaviour after multiple fights broke out in the stands at the MCG.

It marks the second time in the last week where a fight has unfolded at the MCG either during or after a game.

Several calls to 3AW painted an ugly picture of the scenes that unfolded in bays M11 and M12, the two bays are generally where Carlton members sit.

"There were four, full-on fights where people were knocked out," one caller said on 3AW Football.

"Security didn't react quick enough so members of the public had to get in to stop these fights.

"I haven't seen it for many years.

"I missed the last five minutes of the game because I was breaking up fights."

A video aired by 7 News showed footy attendees reportedly fighting in the Carlton members section, with multiple punches thrown.

A fan sighted by Channel 9 had blood on his face while being questioned by Victorian Police while in handcuffs.

"Police were alerted to multiple separate altercations that broke out late in a match at the MCG this afternoon," a police statement read.

"Police and security attended immediately and prevented any further altercations.

"One man was treated for minor injuries and did not wish to make a statement but police located the alleged offender and have interviewed him in relation to the alleged assault.

"He has been released pending further enquiries. No further complaints have been made to police at this stage."

Carlton's cheersquad tweeted following the ugly fights after reports Collingwood fans were sitting among the members.

The scenes come a week after a violent incident unfolded at the MCG following Melbourne and Hawthorn's game.

Channel 9 revealed disturbing footage of a man, wearing a Demons guernsey, attacking another man in a Hawthorn guernsey. The Melbourne fan punched Hawks supporter Ben Ploegmakers in the head and dragged him to the ground before people rushed in to help.

Someone can be heard in the video saying: "Leave him, mate. Leave him. Leave him."

Another voice is heard saying: "He's disabled you (expletive) idiot."