Advocate backs angry subbies amid payment promise 'drivel'

SUBCONTRACTORS who took items from a Rosewood home when G.J. Gardner went bust probably broke the law, but they have the backing of a respected advocate who said he'd do the same thing.

Tradies caught up in the G.J. Gardner Homes bust have been told they are last to be paid on a long list of creditors and employees.

John Goddard from the Subbies United advocacy group said that meant they wouldn't get a dime.

"Being paid last is meaningless drivel," he said.

"They're not going to see a cent."

Mr Goddard supported tradies who took items from Callum Lowe's Rosewood home.

"If they've gone back and taken things, well it's against the law, but I don't blame them," he said.

"I'd go back and do the same thing myself."

Mr Goddard encouraged subbies to take trade debtor insurance, which he said was their best form of protection.

"You insure the builder and if he falls over you get 90 per cent," Mr Goddard said.

"That's what they should be doing because it's really the only protection they've got."

Mr Goddard supported the State Government taskforce investigating builder busts but said three months was not long enough.