Ipswich City Council Administrator Greg Chemello.
Ipswich City Council Administrator Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

Council boss moves to dump ex-councillors from CBD project

EX-COUNCILLORS will be removed from the board of Ipswich City Council-owned entities after a special meeting in the council chambers this morning.

The special meeting was called to discuss the council's representatives and directorships on its companies.

From the moment interim administrator Greg Chemello opened his first meeting it took less than two minutes for him to determine Wayne Wendt, Paul Tully and Andrew Antoniolli's involvement in ICP would end.

Mr Wendt is the council's representative on its four companies while Mr Tully and Mr Antoniolli are on the board of Ipswich City Properties.

In an unusual scene in the council chambers, Mr Chemello moved and carried the single item of business.

"The interim Administrator for Ipswich City Council resolve that the Interim administrator of Ipswich City Council is authorised to exercise Ipswich City Council's rights as sole shareholder and member of Ipswich City Properties to remove the following directors; Paul Tully as a director of Ipswich City Properties and the removal of Andrew Antoniolli as a director of Ipswich City Properties," the report said. 

Mr Wendt was removed as the council's shareholder representative from Ipswich City Properties, Ipswich City Enterprises, Ipswich City Developments and Ipswich Motorsport Park. 

Mr Chemello took a few questions from the public after the meeting, including about the transparency and governance arrangements of the council.