NO REPORT: Adani Australia chief executive Lucas Dow in Rockhampton last year.
NO REPORT: Adani Australia chief executive Lucas Dow in Rockhampton last year. Kerry Kerr

Adani refuses to meet finch panel over report format

ADANI has refused to meet with the independent panel reviewing its Black-Throated Finch Management Plan (BTFMP) now the due date for the panel's draft report as promised by the Department of Environment and Science has passed.

An Adani spokesperson said that during a meeting, DES officials said they did not have a copy of the draft report and did not know when they would receive it.

"They provided this advice despite repeated written assurances to Adani that they would be receiving the draft report on February 1 and that the report would be finalised by February 15, 2019," she said.

"We declined to meet with the review leader, Professor Wintle, considering the anti-coal and anti-Adani statements he has made in the past, however we continue to meet with the departmental officials who are responsible for this assessment process, as we have done for the past 18 months."

The Morning Bulletin has obtained documents that confirm the February 1 due date for the final draft report was arranged by both parties.

A response from the DES said Adani was briefed on the report on that day but would not confirm the report had been delivered.

"DES confirms receipt of draft preliminary advice from the Independent Expert Panel on February 1," a spokesperson said.

"Adani was offered the opportunity to receive a detailed briefing by the Panel on their draft findings, but declined.

"Adani will be provided with a copy of the panel's report, following consideration by the department to ensure the report meets the terms of reference."

Professor Brendan Wintle, told The Morning Bulletin last week that media interest had begun to hinder his ability to carry out the review.

He has since stopped fielding media enquiries.