Adani Australia boss Lucas Dow
Adani Australia boss Lucas Dow Matt Taylor

Adani boss says Minister should accept scientific assessment

LUCAS Dow's patience appears to be running short.

The Adani Australia boss made it clear yesterday that State Government final assessments of the company's ground water management plan should take a fraction of the six weeks it took the Federal Government.

Environment Minister, Melissa Price approved the plans on Tuesday, saying CSIRO and Geoscience Australia had confirmed they met strict scientific requirements.

The onus is now on the State Government to complete its environmental approvals process.

"Adani has already amended its groundwater management plans to meet the recommendations from independent scientific bodies CSIRO and Geoscience Australia, which have both endorsed the final version of our plans," Mr Dow said.

"The State Government has all the information it needs to finalise these plans, including the rigorous scientific assessment by CSIRO and Geoscience Australia."

Yesterday, Queensland Environment Minister, Leanne Enoch said she would not interfere in the "independent regulator's" decision on the outstanding management plans, while hinting the approvals would take time.

"(She is) refusing to accept that independent scientific assessments already completed are adequate," Mr Dow said.

"Moreover, if this process is to be free of political interference and intervention, the question must be asked, why the Minister is providing media statements and a running commentary on a process she claims she has no involvement with?

"The State Government's process for approval of the outstanding black-throated finch management plan and groundwater dependent ecosystems management plan should be efficient and timely, just as they are for other Queensland projects.

"These approvals are all that is needed to allow Adani to begin construction of the Carmichael Mine."

Resources Minister, Matt Canavan yesterday rubbished claims he "bullied" Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price into approving the groundwater management plan.

Senator Canavan said the State Government was the only party playing politics and holding up the project.

He hit out at the State Government for its go-slow approach in approving the black-throated finch management plan.

"(They) still haven't given us reason why they commissioned another further review ... after it had been looked at in multiple forms over eight years," he said.