Wests stalwart Amy Kickbusch continued where she left off, scoring a hat-trick returning to the Ipswich competition after an extended break.
Wests stalwart Amy Kickbusch continued where she left off, scoring a hat-trick returning to the Ipswich competition after an extended break.

Aches worth it as Ipswich mum returns with hat-trick

PREPARING to return to part-time teaching, Wests sharpshooter Amy Kickbusch delivered a wonderful lesson in playing sport when you can, while you can.

Despite feeling the effects of her first game back in A-Grade this season, the popular Ipswich mum was pleased to have returned.

"The body has definitely changed but it was nice to come back and have a game with the girls,'' Kickbusch said. "I really enjoyed it.''

The aches she was feeling today were eased by the former Australian striker netting a hat-trick in her team's 7-0 victory over Easts on Saturday night.

It was as if the dependable goal scorer hadn't been away for 18 months.

However, Kickbusch had only been back training two weeks, having last played for Wests in the 2019 grand final against Hancocks.

As for how many more games she will play, 35-year-old Kickbusch replied: "We'll see how the body holds up''.

"I kind of just wanted to go to training and see how I felt and if I enjoyed it.

"I really enjoyed the game on the weekend and I feel like I definitely wish I had a bit more fitness.

"I've really kind of done nothing except some walking.

"It was a bit of shock to the system when I first went to training but I think it will slowly come back.''

During her extended break during last year's COVID restrictions, Kickbusch (nee Korner) was named in Hockey Queensland's Team of the Decade from 2005-15.

The Centrals State School teacher sacrificed so much serving the Queensland Scorchers from 2002-11 and Australia from 2005-07 and 2009-11.

Her 51 international caps are testament to the striker's skill and commitment.

The Hockey Queensland honour was something the Ipswich born and bred sportswoman appreciated while spending time at home as a new mum.

"I missed it a little bit and I missed that time with the girls,'' she said of not playing last year devoting her energies to daughter Annie.

"I really enjoy it for the fitness side of things.

"Even though my body is hurting all over, it was kind of a good feeling as well.''

STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE: Amy set high standards

While seeing how much more she can play, Kickbusch is also eager to continue enjoying more precious time as a mum.

That's why she's planning to soon return to supply teaching one day a week.

Wests A-Grade player Amy Kickbusch enjoyed reuniting with teammates and scoring a hat-trick in her first game back.
Wests A-Grade player Amy Kickbusch enjoyed reuniting with teammates and scoring a hat-trick in her first game back.

On Saturday, Kickbusch was welcomed back into the Wests side where she linked with familiar teammates like captain Eden Jackat, Jess Wilkinson and Gabby Nicholls.

She joined a Wests side with fresh faces moving up the ranks after the Magpies had dominated the Ipswich competition in past years.

"It's quite a younger team,'' she said.

Kickbusch scored one goal in the first half and two in the second half making her comeback.

She said Lauren Hess, who also returned this season after a few years off, "was just better than ever.''

"Eden is really good. She is just so solid,'' Kickbusch said.

The elite Ipswich player was also impressed with Wests defensive young guns including Poppy D'Castro and Emma Picton.

"The younger girls, just their determination and their kind of never give was really good to see,'' Kickbusch said.

"They've come a long way over the last couple of years.''

YOUNG GUNS: Wests rebuilding after years of success

In the other A-Grade women's encounter, Hancock Brothers maintained their recent form with a 3-0 win over Swifts.

In the latest men's A-Grade matches, Norths outclassed Easts 9-1 with brothers Riley and Australian under-21 squad player Zac each netting a hat-trick.

Hancocks held out Wests 2-0 in the other A-Grade match.


Ipswich Hockey Association Inc

Men's and boys results May 7-9: A Grade - Norths 9 (Riley Profke 3, Zac Profke 3, Dean Jeffrey 2, Cale Oborne) d Easts 1 (Steven Bayliss); Hancock Brothers 2 (Jackson Willie, Joseph Butta) d Wests 0.

Reserve Grade: Easts 5 (M Schulz 2, T Woodford, A Snook, S Bayliss) d Norths 0; Hancock Brothers 5 (R Smith 2, W McCormack, E Styles-McKinnon, S Jackwitz) d Wests 2 (Z Pascoe, C Jaenke).

R2 Grade: Easts Gold 1 (L Savage) d Easts Black 0; Wests 6 (M Thomas 2, D Goodwin, C Ward, N Smith) d Bellbowrie 0; Hancock Brothers 5 (J Burns 3, P Dawson, L McAndrew) d Norths 1 (T Ross).

A2 Grade: Hancock Brothers 5 (B Kinnane 2, D Howells, P Jackwitz, K Tierney) d Wests 0; Swifts 8 (C Meloury3, L Pomery, J Murphy, W Pascoe, A Backen, Z Pascoe) d Northern Strikers 3 (A Woods 2, D Robke).

J1 Grade: Easts 7 (L Morris 3, C Malcolm, N O'Connor, B McPherson, J Di Rosa) d Bellbowrie 0; Wests 4 (B Metz 2, H McInnes, H Black) d Norths 1 (M Doyle).

J2 Grade: Hancock Brothers 9 (M Hogan 4, F Evans 2, A Noga, A Hanley, L Dawson) d Wests 0; Norths 1 (C Ashton-Quinn) d Easts Gold 0.

Women's and girls results May 7-9: A Grade - Wests 7 (Amy Kickbusch 3, Jess Wilkinson 2, Georgia Stenzel, Chloe Daley) d Easts 0; Hancock Brothers 3 (Rhyleigh Brown, Robyn Clark, Caleisha Harper) d Swifts 0.

Reserve Grade: Bellbowrie 2 (J Casey 2) d Easts 1 (T Doyle); Thistles 5 (A Silcock 3, L Hill 2) d Hancock Brothers 2 (H Grieve, E Wozencroft); Wests 2 (C Axelby, J Nicholls) drew Norths 2 (S Parlett, D Wenzel-Stephen).

R2 Grade: Vets 11 (S Ashton 6, S Francis 2, J Peters 2, B Simpson) d Hancock Brothers 0; Easts 2 (L Savage, N McKenzie) d Norths 0; Swifts 5 (L Shaw 3, E Stewart 2) d Bellbowrie Green 1 (M Ballangarry).

A2 Grade: Wests 3 (A Follett, S Lawrie, S Long) d Veterans 0; Thistles 4 (L Steele 2, C Hannah, L Harris) d Bellbowrie 0; Swifts 3 (K Daniels 2, T Andrews) d Hancock Brothers 0.

C Grade: Northern Strikers 6 (C McDowell 3, D Wenzel 2, E Noga) d Easts 0; Swifts 8 (A Wells 6, S Baldwin, E West) d Thistles/Hancocks 0.

D Grade: Easts 4 (G Batten 2, M Mole, DJ Hollis) d Hancock Brothers 0; Wests 4 (S Long 3, M Doyle) d Norths 2 (H Johnston, B Profke).

E Grade: Thistles 6 (C Muller 3, E Janke 2, J White) d Swifts 0; Wests 6 (P Briskey 2, A Gibson 2, M Rose 2) d Hancock Brothers 0; Easts 5 (M Davidson-Fewquandie, L Smith, J Hansen, F Goodsell, L Hooper) d Norths 2 (R Jones 2).