Accused says shotgun was decoration for his wedding

AN IPSWICH man with a string of offences to his name - including making a threat to kill - says a shotgun in his possession was to be used as decoration at his upcoming wedding.

Scott James Germon, 42, of Leichhardt, appeared before Ipswich Magistrates Court charged with drug offences including having methylamphetamine and drug utensils; wilful damage; possession of tainted property; and unlawful possession of weapons.

Police allege Germon made a threat to kill two people, and was going to knock down a door with a sledgehammer.

Magistrate David Shepherd queried how it was now being alleged that 10 days later, Germon had been found with a break-action shotgun.

Police said Germon told them that this "was for the purpose of his impending wedding, to be decorative".

Mr Shepherd asked if the shotgun was operable and expressed concern that someone accused of possessing a large amount of methylamphetamine was also apparently sleeping with a shotgun.

Police say the gun was allegedly found on a bedroom floor lying next to Germon's bed.

Germon's lawyer, Matthew Fairclough, argued for bail on the grounds that the legal proceedings could take as long as 18 months to finalise.

Some charges depended on drugs analysis and if the case proceeds in the Supreme Court.

Mr Shepherd granted conditional bail for Germon to live at Leichhardt and to report three times each week to Ipswich police.

His matters were adjourned, to be rementioned later this month.