Abusive neighbour puts family in fear

A  mother says her and her two daughters feel trapped in their own home, after an "abusive neighbour" smashed her window when they made a noise complaint.

Cherryn Douglas, 42, from Kirwan in Townsville has lived at the property with her two daughters, Lisa, 21, and Jessica, 19, for the past 12 months.

It's understood her ­neighbour lives in government housing.

Ms Douglas claims her neighbour had been partying for 25 hours, playing loud music sporadically from Wednesday morning through to Thursday noon last week.

Police have confirmed Ms Douglas made noise ­complaints on four occasions that day, beginning at 12.40am on Thursday.

"They started playing ­Metallica at full noise at 8am as revenge because we ­contacted police," she alleges.

Ms Douglas said the woman began screaming and hurling abuse at her from outside her home after ­discovering she had complained to police.

"She has kicked off out the front, yelling and screaming, our neighbour across the road witnessed her standing in our front garden bed, ­essentially calling me to come out and fight her," she said.

In an audio recording ­obtained by the Bulletin, the woman can be heard yelling "I'm going to s--- on you" and "come out here, bring your daughter out too."

Fed up, Ms Douglas took her daughters and left the home that day to run errands.

"I got a sense something was going to happen so I got us all out of here," she said.

She later returned home to find her front window had been smashed, which she ­believes was done with a pot plant.

"We found a plant in the garden but don't know what happened to the pot," Ms Douglas said.

The neighbour has ­confirmed she smashed Ms Douglas's window.

Ms Douglas said her youngest daughter, who has tuberous sclerosis, Lyme ­disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, was now riddled with anxiety.

"My daughter, whose ­bedroom window is about one metre off the fence line, doesn't sleep in her room anymore," she said.

"She ends up in tears … she won't go outside unless I'm standing at the door ­watching.

"We live like prisoners ­because all of our doors and windows are locked out of fear. I shouldn't have to live like this."

A state Housing Department spokeswoman said the department conducted regular inspections of properties but would investigate sooner if complaints were made about an address.

"Dangerous or illegal ­behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance," the spokeswoman said.

"If anyone has concerns about illegal activity we strongly encourage them to contact the police as a ­priority."