A story that will make you smile

IT IS always nice to look back on the year and remember the stories that made us smile and gave us hope and joy.

Our year in review series has at times reminded me of things I would rather forget but there was a story mentioned in today's instalment that certainly had the opposite effect.

It was the story about Reech Mayen, a South Sudanese refugee graduating from high school with dreams of becoming a doctor.

We heard about this story from the mother of another high-achieving student.

She told us about an incredible and inspiring young man who we should catch up with for a story and it turned out she was on the money.

Reech's family had to flee South Sudan to Kenya. From there Reech made his way to Australia, and attended Ipswich State High.

Reech's achievements and aspirations are inspiring, even before you consider the challenges he has had to tackle just to obtain an education in Australia.

If you missed the story, head to the website and search Reech Mayen.