YOUR SAY: A 'stale circle' of cash in our state

AN 'ASSET' is really only an asset when it brings 'you' extra income, like say a flat or a room you rent to somebody.

That is income from 'outside' to you. Now let's take the electricity network, for example: government owned and earns a so-called income.

But does it: you use electricity.

You pay the bill, most of which goes to the government, and the remainder used to run the network. The government then uses this money for who knows what.

In effect you are paying the government for your electricity, and it is the money coming from you that is the so-called 'income' from the electricity business.

It's not income. It's just our money going round and round a circle, not increasing the wealth of Queensland.

Why? Because the money is not coming from outside Queensland.

It's just Queensland money going around in a stale circle inside Queensland. So why should we hang on to it?

It doesn't make us any money and it costs us our own money to keep it going. Makes no sense to me at all.

Sell it for billions and use the money on something we really need.

Don't get sucked into the 'prices will go up' idea. Victoria and SA have privately owned networks and their electricity is about 20% cheaper than ours.



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