OPINION: A quieter life for my family’s best friend

IT WASN'T so long ago I wrote about our family pet dog, Oscar.

My story was about the council sending me a letter telling me they had received complaints about his barking.

Knowing a second infringement would mean a fine and possible loss of the dog I went to work trying to fix the issue.

A barking dog collar that released citronella spray was my first attempt and it has certainly had the required effect.

I know the citronella spray works when he barks because my daughter tested it.

No more comments on that one for fear of my daughter reading this.

What this council issue did was to bring my family back to focus on a pet we bought at Boonah 10 years ago.

He's a loyal friendly Maltese terrier who like all dogs of this breed has started to get a little moodier as he has gotten older.

Sometimes when we all have a good pet we tend to take them for granted, even though they always seem to be there just under our feet.

The threat that we could lose Oscar certainly brought my family back to appreciate his companionship.

Fortunately he is now behaving himself and the council has told me there will no further action.

I must thank my neighbours who have supported me in getting him under control, I appreciate their help.

-Editor Peter Chapman