'A GOOD ALL-ROUND BLOKE': Joseph Guaresi with his daughter, Lilly.
'A GOOD ALL-ROUND BLOKE': Joseph Guaresi with his daughter, Lilly. Lilly Guaresi

'Lost for words': Family struggles after losing loving dad

LOVING dad and hard working tradesman, Joseph Guaresi's life was cut short this week after a tragic road accident in Benair.  

Joe's family and friends now begin the painful journey of contemplating their lives without their loving friend, father and husband.   

The 63-year-old bricklayer's daughter, Lilly Guaresi was still struggling to come to terms with the tragic events that unfolded.   

"I just really can't understand life sometimes," she said.  

Before the accident which claimed her father's life, Ms Guaresi was still on a high from the recent family trip they took to France and Spain to visit her grandparents.  

"We've literally just come back from overseas with him for a month to visit our grandparents," she said.  

Joe paid for all his kids and grand kids to enjoy the European trip to visit his parents as his father was not well enough to travel.  

Ms Guaresi was still trying to comprehend the sudden tragic turn her family's life has taken.  

"I'm just still lost for words," she said.  

She will remember her father for being there in those moments when a daughter needs her dad the most.

"He gave me a shoulder when I needed it," Ms Guaresi said.  

"He showed me love when I wasn't feeling it.  

"He made me laugh when I was losing it," she said.  

"He helped me fight when I was giving in."   

Ms Guaresi admired the love her father had for his wife and her step-mother, Liz Guaresi.  

He had such a profound love for Liz," she said.   

"I used to tell them, I love how much they love each other."  

Ms Guaresi was proud of her dad and all his admirable qualities.  

"He was honest, fair, tough," she said.  

"He was one of the most hard working men you'll ever meet."  

And after 50 years as a bricklayer, it is a sentiment his work colleagues can certainly attest to.  

Joe's work colleagues will remember their mate as a man who never stopped, and someone no one could keep up with.  

Kingaroy Joinery's Darrin Kefford said Joe, who started bricklaying at 13, was "a very hard worker".  

He remembers with fondness seeing Joe on the work site just getting on with the job at hand.  

"He was a hard man to get a word out of," Mr Kefford said.  

"He kept to himself, but he was a very hard worker."  

CAS Designs managing director, Clint Andrewartha worked closely with Joe since the beginning of his career.  

"I've known him since I started my apprenticeship in 1989," he said.  

"He was a great friend.   

"A good all-round bloke."  

Mr Andrewartha said Joe was "a bit of a role model" to him and someone who was very passionate about his work.   "He'd do anything for anyone."  

After 50 years honing his craft, Mr Andrewartha was smart enough not to attempt to offer Joe and 'useful feedback'.   "You don't tell him how to do stuff."  

"When he did have someone work for him, he would work twice as hard," he said.