Famous sporting comedians Roy and HG, now featuring regularly in their Bludging on the Blindside program on ABC.
Famous sporting comedians Roy and HG, now featuring regularly in their Bludging on the Blindside program on ABC.

A cold beer with . . . masters of footy comedy

THEY have strode the Australian radio and TV sporting landscape like two colossal sporting enigmas since 1986, covering grand finals, Origins and Olympics. They speak truth and justice for rugby league.

Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson pulled out a bar stool, let me win the meat tray and we sat down for a beer.

In these complicated times, what role could rugby league play in righting the wrongs of the current world? Rugby league offers hope. Rugby league thrives on peace and understanding. Countries that embrace rugby league believe in the fundamental rights of humanity. Countries that shun rugby league are condemned to darkness, paranoia and all that divides us.

How have your coped through the shutdown of sport? I have enjoyed the shutdown - it has given me a chance to re-engage with my local community. In addition, it has been astonishing, but not entirely surprising, to watch rugby league lead the way back to us being normal again. Peter V'Landys has single-handedly dragged Australia back from the abyss.

Should the Ipswich Jets be in the NRL? Certainly. There should be a Western Corridor team in the NRL, not a confected second team representing Brisbane. I have been arguing for a Western Corridor team for the best part of 50 years.

Roy's exploits for the Lithgow Shamrocks are legendary in rugby league. Did he ever play against Ipswich? I never played against Ipswich, but always had an abiding respect for the players from the area. Had a good fishing trip with Noel Kelly and Denis Flannery back in the day. We caught many flathead, went pig shooting at dusk. We dined like kings and talked about rugby league by the fire with a few beers into the small hours of the morning. One of the great nights.

Do you have a favourite player from your time commentating? Locky. You could play him anywhere and he would excel. He has the purest rugby league brain I have ever come across.

Roy & H.G. join forces in their Saturday afternoon Bludging on the Blindside program on ABC Grandstand and the ABC listen app.