City to get a brief respite before heat returns

RELIEF is on the way for Ipswich's residents after a blistering burst of heat earlier this week.

Temperatures will fall almost 10C from the high of 40.2C that was recorded at 1.30pm on Wednesday. But it wasn't just the lunchtime conditions that stood out on Wednesday; by 9am it was already over 30C and after the midday peak the temperature ranged between 38.9C and 36.4C from 2pm to 4pm.

At 5pm it was still 35C and it only went below 30C after 8pm.

The high of 40.2C was also just 0.4C off the highest ever recorded temperature for Ipswich in February, which occured in 1966.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Heatwave Service now shows the low-intensity heatwave that was the source of these severe conditions has since loosened its grip over southeast Queensland.

That means today, tomorrow and Sunday will see the mercury move down to the lows 30Cs, more typical of the February average of 30.4C.

While the worst of the heat may have gone, the extreme UV conditions will persist through today and the weekend and residents are urged to cover up and use sun screen, especially between 8am-4pm.

The best chance of rainfall over the next few days will be today, although any totals will be small with at most 0.2mm in the gauges.

Unfortunately the weekend's cooling cloud cover will make way for more extremes at the start of next week.

Monday will see mostly sunny skies with a minimum of 19C and the maximum pushing 35C.

The temperature will edge towards 36C on Tuesday and expect similar conditions on Wednesday.

Wednesday will also see the chance of a shower.

Conditions will be even warmer out towards the surroundings towns.

Boonah, Gatton and Laidley are looking at highs of 37C next week Tuesday and Wednesday.

Esk will bask in the mid 30Cs while Brisbane can expect 33C and 34C.