Camphor Laurel trees are cut down at Tewantin State School.
Camphor Laurel trees are cut down at Tewantin State School. Geoff Potterne

Work on NBN pits on hold till asbestos training rolls out

APN NewsdeskWORK on Telstra pits containing asbestos will not resume until employees and contractors involved in rolling out the national broadband network have received full training.

Telstra and NBN Co confirmed they were working with unions and Comcare to ensure all Telstra and NBN employees and contractors were trained in the safe removal and handling of asbestos from Telstra pits..

It was also revealed Telstra, NBN, unions and Comcare were urgently finalising the content of training material, delivery of training and identifiable training certification.

The taskforce was established earlier this month after it was revealed workers at NBN sites around the country, including Mackay, may have been exposed to asbestos.

It was also revealed at the meeting work would continue on a number of pits built since the late 1980s because they did not contain asbestos.

The taskforce also endorsed its oversight arrangements at the meeting.

Comcare inspectors, working with state work health and safety regulators, will be checking the safety of the work and reporting outcomes to the taskforce. Telstra and NBN Co has also appointed independent monitors.