Want stable kids? Play video games with them

PLAYING video games with your children may not just help you fight a final boss, it could help your children fight mental illness.

Research by Queensland University of Technology's games research lab reckons playing games as a family could forge stronger relationships.

The lab's Dr Daniel Johnson said it might help parents connect with their kids, particularly those who are plodding through high school.

"If you're trying to reach out to the teenager in your house, spending time with them playing a cooperative video game you both enjoy could be the bridge you're looking for, and you'll likely feel the same positive impacts on your wellbeing too," he said.

More than 95% of Australian homes with children have at least one device for video games.

After combing through reams of research papers the QUT groups found video games to help relaxation, ease depression and improve moods.

The results of Dr Johnson's study will be presented at the University of Sydney early next week.