GUESS WHO’S ON THE WAY: The white whale Migaloo is expected off the Sunshine Coast tomorrow or Tuesday.
GUESS WHO’S ON THE WAY: The white whale Migaloo is expected off the Sunshine Coast tomorrow or Tuesday. SEA WORLD WHALE WATCH

Migaloo the white whale is heading our way

CONDITIONS on the great "whale highway" are shaping up to be perfect for the grand entrance of Migaloo to the Sunshine Coast.

The white wonder was spotted on the NSW Mid North Coast on Friday and is expected to reach our waters late tomorrow or Tuesday morning, depending on his pace.

Whale One owner John Matterson said he was excited by Migaloo's imminent arrival and had extended the trip hours tomorrow and Tuesday to try to spot him.

He said the chances of finding one whale in a vast ocean were about 25%.

Are you excited that Migaloo will be in our waters any time soon?

This poll ended on 22 June 2015.

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You bet. He's a superstar!


I won't be seeing him - I get seasick.


You see one white whale, you've seen 'em all.


Migaloo? Is he on The Voice or something?


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But he has done his maths and is determined to give his spectators a chance to see the star.

"The first time I saw him was eight years ago," Mr Matterson said.

"It was amazing, absolutely amazing.

"We knew he was coming so we stayed later. It was just towards dark and his body was really illuminated in the evening.

"He is a great sight and extremely rare, and it has been a few years where they haven't see him at all on the Coast because sometimes they go wider out."

The whales have been putting on a memorable show for fans this season, with plenty of action about 16-20km from shore.

Viewing the whale pods yesterday brought plenty of entertainment, with viewers getting a splash from whales who breached only a few metres from the boat.

"So far it has been brilliant. We have had really good run," Mr Matterson said.

"On Monday and Tuesday our main search will be for Migaloo."

The whale migration season from Antarctica to the warmer waters of North Queensland runs from May to November.

June 28, 1991, an all-white humpback whale was spotted off Byron Bay At the time the whales was the only documented record of an all-white humpback whale in the world

"Migaloo" is the name the Australian Aboriginal community in Queensland use to describe a White Fella

He is an adult male who we believe was born in 1986