Waleed Aly has been confirmed as the next permanent co-host of The Project.
Waleed Aly has been confirmed as the next permanent co-host of The Project. AAP image - Lukas Coch

Hockey's MYEFO budget awarded "Best Parody"

LAST night's Australian Narrative and Laughter awards saw Joe Hockey walk away with the coveted Best Parody award.

A brief montage of Mr Hockey's MYEFO (mid-year economic and fanciful outlook) was played for the crowd as a junior staffer came forward to receive the award on the treasurer's behalf.

Junior economic analyst Arthur Sinodinos told the audience the MYEFO was "a real win for Coalition fiscal policy".

"We've managed to increase government spending to keep the next three years over 25% of GDP while simultaneously cutting welfare spending and job-creation efforts.

"We really couldn't have done it without the help of the Grade 10 business studies students from Brisbane's Mazenod College."

Student protesters, angry at the announced doubling of student debts by 2019, sadly died of hunger before they could arrive at the venue.

Outside the event, a clutch of Coalition publicists handed out gift bags filled with merchandise promoting the already-in-production sequel.

In the sequel, Mr Hockey breaks a pledge to crack down on tax-avoiding global corporations and has to avoid a plucky group of Guardian journalists long enough for Tony Abbott to distract them with a gaffe about women.

Executive producer Drew Ablanque told Frisky Business that he was "keen to work with Joe Hockey again".

"The man's a consummate actor," Mr Ablanque said.

"Give him a line and he'll stand in front of even the harshest audience and deliver it time and time again, no matter what it is."


Sadly this Saturday's Kangaroo Charity Run has been cancelled due to lack of interest among kangaroos. 

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