Clapham pleads not guilty to producing meth at Mt Crosby

A RURAL house in Mt Crosby was the centre of an alleged meth operation, a court has heard.

Peter Brett Clapham has pleaded not guilty at the Brisbane District Court to three counts of producing methylamphetamine at a Mt Crosby house.

The court heard in November 2011 police raided the property. No one was home, but they found an operating drug lab in a downstairs room.

A running hotplate, scientific glassware, chemicals including pseudoephedrine as well as drug paraphernalia were found throughout the property and a nearby shed.

The court heard fingerprint and DNA evidence tied the scene to Mr Clapham - as did evidence from the house's owner.

The owner, a drug user himself, told police Mr Clapham was one of his friends and had come to him looking for a place to cook drugs after he'd had a falling out with a prior associate.

He claimed he was paid in cash and drugs for letting Mr Clapham use his house.

The court heard the owner, who has already pleaded guilty for his role in the operation, claims Mr Clapham used the house numerous times - but he has only been charged for three specific cooks.

The final production is alleged to have occurred the night before police raided the house.

Mr Clapham has denied he is guilty of the offences. The trial is expected to run for much of this week.