Aussie Bitcoin CEO confirmed killed in Thailand crash

A MELBOURNE international cyber currency exchange CEO has been identified as the Australian killed in a motorcycle crash in Thailand.

Adam Tepper, boss of the bitcoin exchange the Independent Reserve, was holidaying in the resort island of Phuket when he crashed his motorbike at high speed on Wednesday.

Mr Tepper was taken to Thalang Hospital where it took several days for him to be formally identified.

Thai police said Mr Tepper was declared dead at the scene and had not been wearing a helmet.

A statement from Independent Reserve chief technology officer Adrian Przelozny confirmed Mr Tepper's death.

"Adam was a passionate advocate for the use of digital currency in Australia. He lived his life to the beat of his own drum and Independent Reserve is a testament to his vision, intelligence and perseverance," it read.

"He will be sorely missed by his family, friends and the bitcoin community."

Mr Przelozny said a Mr Tepper's funeral would be held in Melbourne on Friday.

Bitcoin Association of Australia released a statement recognising Mr Tepper and called for donations to help publish a book on bitcoin he had been writing.

"We lost a man who believed in the power of bitcoin, who was truly an inspirational voice, and who was helping us all create history. Adam Tepper was the CEO of the Sydney, Australia based bitcoin exchange, Independent Reserve," he said.

"His motivation was not to profit from his book, but to push the envelope, and get others to see what we see. We are all part of the community and we'll all benefit by bringing Adam's legacy to light."