YOUNG TALENT: Singer songwriter Sahara Beck will perform at Studio 188 in Ipswich in June.
YOUNG TALENT: Singer songwriter Sahara Beck will perform at Studio 188 in Ipswich in June. Contributed

Beck brings remedy for blues to Ipswich

ACCLAIMED Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Sahara Beck has released a new collection of soul-searching songs in her album titled Panacea.

She describes the journey to this album as putting down in words the photos of her life experiences.

"I can listen to the album from the beginning to the end and feel relieved as it's like looking through a photo album and going, 'I have gone through all of these experiences and this is how I have dealt with them'," Beck said.

Panacea means a remedy or cure for all problems.

The album name came from her friend, Ali Livingstone, who found it during their school years when the two of them were obsessed with finding interesting words.

When Beck finally had to face the decision of what to call her new album, the choice of Panacea was simple.

"It's when you think about something a lot of times and the more you think about it, the further you push yourself into a corner and it looks like a big problem," she said.

"Then you talk about it with your friends. They help you recognise different angles of it and help you get over that. For me, I write a song about it.

"I sing about every part of it, how I feel, how they must feel. By the end of it, I feel a sense of relief and release. I then can understand the situation as a whole more.

"For me, the solution to my problems is to write these songs."

The album is explorative in its stories and style.

The petite singer plays with a mixture of jazz, folk and soul as she belts out an amazing array of vocals that excite and explode, drawing in the listener then pushing them out to the wide edges of her sound.

While Beck wrote all the music and words on Panacea, she turned to Jeff Lovejoy to co-produce the album.

In the background is also one of her best friends: drummer DJ.

He has been with Beck throughout the Panacea journey.

His trust of Beck's musical vision has given her the confidence to pursue her dream.


Beck starts her Panacea tour in May and will hit Studio 188 in Ipswich on June 10 supported by local artists Sean Gagen and Becc and Tom.