$99 phones will offer family filter

IF you're worried about what your kids have access to on their smart devices, this could be the best news you read.

Alcatel, the third most sold mobile brand in Australia, has reached an agreement to pre-load Family Zone's filtering technology onto its devices from mid this year.

The Chinese phone maker sells tens of millions of devices targeted towards pre-paid youth and value conscious markets. The new range will start at just $99 for a 'high spec' device.

Sam Skontos, Alcatel's local boss,  uses the filter app as part of looking after his own children.

More and more schools are mandating that kids either have Family Zone installed on their phone (and that of their parents) in order for them to bring a phone to school.

Mr Skontos can monitor his daughter's surfing habits, length of time, data usage and put limits in place.

"To have an opportunity to help our customers address areas around privacy, security, usage and length of screen time through an alliance with an Australian company is particularly fulfilling,'' he said.

How the solution will work

Family Zone's on-device technology is called Mobile Zone. Mobile Zone runs on many platforms including Android smart devices, iOS, macOS, Windows and Chromebooks.  

Alcatel devices run a version of Google's Android platform. The Family Zone technology has already been successfully tested on a number of Alcatel's android smartphones and tablets.

 Alcatel will preload Mobile Zone on target devices at the factory, providing parents with the option to sign up and install Mobile Zone (without any requirement to download) when setting up their child's device. 

Plans include not only installing Mobile Zone, but also:
● Promoting Family Zone in the device setup wizard; ● Embedding Family Zone in device settings; and ● Installing restrictions to protect against tampering.

Alcatel's devices are distributed directly to customer through retail outlets and also through partnerships with all Australian telcos.  

Once parents have signed up for Mobile Zone on their Alcatel device they obtain all of the benefits of the Family Zone ecosystem, including the ability to protect more devices, protect the home and work with their school on cyber safety programs.

This is Family Zone's first agreement with a manufacturer of end-user devices. 

For Parents

Research into parental attitudes continually finds high levels of anxiety and concern around their children's use of technology. However adoption of parental controls is low.

The "adoption challenge" is in large part due to the complexity of taking action for parents. This alliance with Alcatel is directly aimed at customer experience.

Through this alliance, and use of Family Zone enabled Alcatel devices, parents will get stunning devices, affordability and the ability to effortlessly take effective control of their kid's devices