63 PHOTOS: Vote for Ipswich's funniest dog name

WE published Ipswich City Council's list of popular dog names, but our readers begged to differ.

On a call-out on our Facebook page they shared photos of their pooches, some with the funniest and cutest names, and very different from council's list.

There's Megatron 4000, Oompa, Luna-Lucy, Cha-Ka and even Keith, too name a few.

Now we want to know which fur-baby you like the most in our poll: 63 PHOTOS: Vote for Ipswich's funniest dog name.

Click on the poll below, it will open in a new window. Click on the photos to see the names. When you're done looking, select your favourite and vote.

Once we've tallied the results, we'll publish a story about the winners in the paper and online.