KARL Stefanovic has been called "creepy" by some viewers for his 60 Minutes interview with Kylie Minogue.

The Channel Nine star interviewed the pop singer to promote upcoming album Golden which will be released next month.

During the segment, Minogue gave Stefanovic a glimpse of her cheeky outfit from her Spinning Around music video which the presenter called "those very hot, hot pants".

The pair discussed the singer's failed relationship with Joshua Sasse which ended last year and after discussing her heartbreak, Stefanovic said to her: "Can you stop going for incredibly good looking d**kheads?"

Minogue awkwardly laughed and said yes.

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But the most awkward part of the interview came right at the very end. Minogue, 49, was talking about her positive attitude towards life when Stefanovic said: "Well, you're doing very well. It helps obviously that you're a hot 50-year-old."

Minogue was caught off-guard by the comment and replied: "Well, thanks. Um, yeah, we try. I don't know what to say to that."

Some viewers took to Twitter to criticise the Channel Nine star for his "creepy" comments during the interview.