Key stakeholders had lost trust in former NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg. Picture: AAP
Key stakeholders had lost trust in former NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg. Picture: AAP

$500k a day and nothing to show for it

Todd Greenberg departed on Monday night having lost the trust of everyone.

A consequence, undoubtedly, of his spending $500,000 per day.

And with what to show for it?


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While nobody could have predicted the current COVID-19 pandemic, undoubtedly rugby league's shock lockdown has pulled back the curtain and found the code wanting - terribly.

Under Greenberg, the NRL has squandered millions.

Money has come and gone.

But where, who can say?

Only that the incredible mismanagement of funds has now finally been exposed by, of all things, a bastard virus out of China.

Which is why, in part, Channel 9 fired off its recent salvo.

A bloated head office, is how they described Greenberg's mob.

That, and an organisation "completely ignoring the needs of the clubs, players and supporters".

Nine no longer trusted Greenberg to run the game they had poured hundreds of millions of dollars into. Which is the moment the chief executive's job became untenable.

Had to be.

The relationship with the NRL's broadcast partners Nine and Foxtel was already damaged after Greenberg spent over $120 million of TV rights money to set up a rival media company

Already, Greenberg had lost what was once thought his greatest ally - the players.

Sure, he had written a court reference for Greg Inglis after the South Sydney great was caught drink driving.

Gifted the wife of Cam Smith a diamond ring, too for hubby's 400th NRL game.

But when you try coaxing the players into pay cuts of 70 per cent, while still earning 75 per cent yourself … well, you don't need Steven Hawking to tell you somebody is getting rorted.

Then there were the club bosses, who had been growing increasingly distrustful for some time.

With reports this week suggesting that, recently, the 16 franchises even approached ARLC chairman Peter V'landys - who now looms as rugby league's Great Hope - to explain how money he promised them during lockdown was missing.

And how do you reckon any of that went down?

Which isn't to say the underpaying was massive.

But how do you trust a fella who keeps event secrets from you?

All of which left Greenberg, increasingly, friendless.

Off with the players and clubs.

Left out of those meetings that mattered with broadcasters.

Which for the CEO, left only one decision.



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