The Clermont Police Station. Picture: Emma Boughen
The Clermont Police Station. Picture: Emma Boughen

$3.5M new police station for CQ mining town

POLICE resources are set to receive a multimillion-dollar boost in a Central Queensland mining town, with the Queensland Government revealing plans for a new station.

The State Government has pledged $3.5 million for a new police station at Clermont - a move which has been welcomed by Isaac Regional Council.

IRC Acting Mayor Kelly Vea Vea said it was great news for Clermont and the broader Isaac region.

"Clermont certainly needs a bigger police station, particularly with the ongoing protest action against the Carmichael coal project which draws police from the town," Cr Vea Vea said.

"Adani's operational workforce - expected to be up to 1,800 people - permanently located in their onsite camp will also be serviced from Clermont.

"I understand that, if re-elected, the Government will develop a design in consultation with the Queensland Police Service and build the new station during the next term of government."

Cr Vea Vea said the announcement about Clermont Police Station highlighted the demands placed on services and infrastructure in the Isaac region by large-scale mines and their work force.

"The Carmichael project draws police from Clermont and will have other impacts on the town but Clermont is not eligible for special consideration under the State Government's Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities (SSRC) Act," she said.

"Although Clermont is the main gateway for the Carmichael site, it is outside the 125 km radius required under the SSRC Act to be considered a 'nearby regional community'.

"Nearby regional communities receive special consideration to strengthen benefits from major projects, for example through employment and business opportunities. As it stands, the Carmichael Mine will draw on Clermont services they are not currently funded for."

Cr Vea Vea said the SSRC Act needed to be amended so Clermont and other towns in the region could benefit from the Carmichael project and have social and another impacts considered.

"Adani have stated their entire operational workforce will come from Rockhampton and Townsville. That's not fair on the people of Clermont, or workers who would prefer to live in Isaac closer to their work," she said.

"Of course, there is also the broader issues of so many State Government services for the Isaac region being funded on the basis of our full-time resident population of 21,000 whereas our true population - because of the travel-in travel-out mining workforce that resides here on any night of the week - is 33,000.

"Nonetheless, the decision to build a bigger police station at Clermont is welcome recognition of the increased demands on services and infrastructure generated by the mining industry.

"Isaac Regional Council hopes this recognition will see a flow-on of funding for other necessary services and infrastructure."